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Fraser Canyon Sturgeon Fishing Expedition

Fraser Canyon Sturgeon Wilderness Expedition - April to November


PA020179"Great team effort".


Fraser Canyon Sturgeon Adventure 2013. The ULTIMATE STURGEON WILDERNESS ADVENTURE.

Fishing the Fraser Canyon offers you insight into some of the "rockiest" areas of British Columbia. Our sturgeon wilderness trips into this incredible landscape take your breath away. Simply extraordinary and a bucket list item!

"Before entering a narrow passage through raging fast waters in the Fraser Canyon".

The Fraser River gets squeezed into 1/10 or less of it`s average width and you can imagine the flow speed of the water. You look up to the sky and all you see are walls of rock - mountains and canyon walls reaching straight into the air and it seems the sky is squeezed out at the top of the canyon. It is absolutely incredible! Each Sturgeon fishing wilderness trip into the canyon includes a Bbq shore lunch of salmon or bison on the grill.

"One of those magic days ...check mark on your bucket list".

"Waiting for the bite in rugged beautiful nature".

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